Dear businesswomen, businessman,

You have just opened the pages of the Jiri Fiala a spol. (Jiri Fiala & Company), which specialises in purchase, sale, intermediary trade, marketing, consultancy and representing both home and foreign companies in the Czech Republic and abroad, and that in the commodity of wood, wooden materials, facilities for furniture-makers and of course also of the final products of wood - furniture (see the list of commodities).

Jiri Fiala a spol. was established in March 1999 and since its beginning it specialises in the trade with timber. To satisfy its clients and partners the company uses both individual specialists as well as direct producers in the branch. From the primary producer over the manufacturer to the businessman.

We are trying, if it is possible, for the most open approach to our business partners, both home and foreign, professional solution of individual details of each single chance of business, which consequently means of the unit - business transaction - business relationship. Further, our personal approach to each business partner results in perfect knowledge of their needs (quality, speed and price), which means that all transactions connected to the given business partner can be handled faster.

The Jiri Fiala a spol. company can also offer free capacity for all joinery production, either the final product or only its constructional part, facility. Full service for the sellers - starting by the finding of the market, or the best further manufacturer, up to the financial guarantee of each transaction. And we are also ready to help the home companies by giving them advice and our experience with export and making business contacts in some European and Asian countries.

"Straight and open dealing between business partners
is a precondition for satisfaction of other people.
And this is the matter."

Eng. Jiri Fiala